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 Extraordinary Landscaping
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The purpose of this questionnaire is to obtain information that will be helpful in preparing a beautiful design for your property. All information you provide will be held in strict confidentiality and aid in the design process. Please feel free to add any additional comments and contact us personally with any questions regarding this questionnaire.
Thank you for your time and for choosing Extraordinary Landscaping for your design
needs. Please return this as soon as possible so we can begin the design process.
CLIENT NAME:  ________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________

 Do you have a specific budget or budget range in mind for your
landscaping project? This will help insure against over or under
designing. $________________________________________

2.  Do you have a HOA, CC&R’s or other authority that may impose restrictions on your design?__________,
If so please provide:

3.  Do you have any of your properties measurements, blueprints, surveys, architectural drawings or irrigation plans?

4.  Do you have a septic system or leech field in the area where design
will take place? _________________________________________

4A.  Do you notice any areas where drainage is a concern? _______________________________________
If yes please note areas: ___________________________________________________________________

5.  Do you have a time frame for your project? Such as: Phases /
All at once / Do it Yourself _______________________________

6.  Do you have Children or Pets that will be using the area in question? ________, if yes please describe: ______________________________________________________

7. I would like my garden to portray a particular theme or a mix of
the following themes and concepts: (circle all that apply)

Oriental Serene:
Natural, Neat & Orderly, Ponds,
Pebbles, Boulders, Bamboo, Grasses,
Meditation areas

Mediterranean Informal:
Old World, Simple, Wrought Iron,
Tile, Fountains, Ponds, Arbors, Clay, Pots,
Birds of Paradise, Olives, Geraniums, Palms

Tropical Lush:
Overgrown, Cool, Dramatic, Logs,
Mounds, Waterfalls, Bamboo, Ferns, Palms

Natural Relaxed:
Flowing Lines, Woodland, Railroad
Ties, Boulders, Split Rail Fencing, Rustic,
Native plants, Oaks, Sycamores, Salvias

Roses, Lavenders, Lattice Structures, Arbors
Rock Walls, Pathways, Bird Baths, Statuary

California Eclectic:
Artistic, Garden Art, Drought Tolerant, Grasses
Succulents, Mosaic Pathways, Tile

Stucco Walls, Gates, Arbors, Cactus, Xeriscape
Adobe, Arches, Mural, Zinnia, Yucca, Sages

Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________

8. I am interested in low water usage plants? ___________________

9. Please circle the descriptions that appeal to you.

Open    Woodsy    Rambling    Compact    Dense

Formal    Rustic    Bonsai    Tidy/Neat    Relaxed

Desert    Exotic    Manicured    Restful    Themed

10. I want my garden to look mature in: { } 6 months   { } 1-3 Years   { } 5 + Years

11. Maintenance will be done by:   { }Gardener   { }Homeowner   { }Combo

12. I am interested in my garden to have a maintenance that is:
{ } Low    { } Medium   { } High    { } Does not matter

13. Trees and shrubs have varied growth habits and shapes. (Circle those that apply)

Weeping   Arching   Columnar   Canopy   Airy

Informal   Mounding   Open   Irregular   Formal

Dense   Natural   Topiary   Espalier   Wild

14. I am interested in including the following: (Circle preferences and cross out those you wish to omit)

Grasses     Fruit Trees     Berries     Fragrant Plants     Ivy

Vines     Roses     Ground     Covers     Drought Tolerant

Vegetables     Herbs     Palms     Evergreens     Natives

Deciduous Trees     Cactus     Succulents     Butterfly Plants

Hummingbird Plants     Eucalyptus     Oaks     Flowering Trees

Fountain     Pond     Pond less Waterfall     Dry Riverbed

Retaining walls     Outdoor lighting     Fencing Irrigation

Wind breaks     Screening     Shaded areas     Pathways

15. Some plants have negative effects on the landscape. (Check those that you are concerned with)

{ } Cause allergies (i.e. Acacia, mulberry, etc) Specify__________________________________________________________
{ } Have thorns (i.e. Pyracantha, bougainvillea, roses, etc.)
{ } Attract Bees (i.e. Red Apple, honeysuckle, etc.)
{ } Have Excessive Leaf Drop (i.e. Deciduous Trees)
{ } Can Burn from Winter Frost (Tender plants)
{ } Toxic Plants (i.e. Delphinium, Foxglove, Oleander)

15A. Would you like your planting beds mulched?
If yes,
{ } Decorative rock   { } Wood chips   { } Shredded bark   { } Compost

16. My color preference include: (Circle favorites)

 Blue  Violet   Gray   Burgundy   Purple   White
Warm/Hot:  Red   Orange   Yellow   Pink   Coral

I do not like: ____________________________________________
In combining colors I prefer:
{ } Soft Pastels    { } Lots of Variety    { } Bright Colors
{ } Muted, Understated Tones

17. The rooms inside the house that are important to design the view:

18. Desired Outdoor Activities: (please circle and specify activities you want to participate in within your landscape):

Barbequing    Entertaining - How many people _______

Sitting    Relaxing    Reading    Bird Watching

Gardening    Picking Flowers    Walking    Sunbathing

Recreational Activities (please specify): ______________________________________________________

19. My interest in participating in the design process is:

{ } Non-Existent - “You’re the expert, you do it”
{ } Minimal - Complete Questionnaire only
{ } Average - Discuss Possibilities, Favorites, Open to fresh ideas, look at examples
{ } Extensive - Definite thoughts, personally decide most areas.

20. Do you have any pictures, clippings, websites, or any other way to help us identify your interests? _____________________________________________________________________________________